Busy Week……

You know those weeks that you look at your calendar and realize you have no room for anything else, that’s this week for me. 

First things first, a Happy 7th Anniversary to my wife.  We will be celebrating tonight like we have done for the past six years or so; a late, quick dinner because I have a game and we will be both passed out by 8:15.  Wild ones, I know.

I have games Monday and Tuesday, and even though the state playoffs don’t start till next week, these last few games have been playoff-type games for us.  We needed to win all three of our remaining games to get into the dance.  One #1 on Friday and now we need to beat to teams that have beat us earlier in the year to keep our season alive.  Tough, tough and tough.

Wednesday I am still holding out for one more JV game.  We’ve only had nine this year and would love a chance for ten games and seven wins.  Also, I have my CPR recert that same day AND here at the Peacock is a huge blood drive that will make the day here extra crazy with a dash of zaniness.

Thursday I have a three-hour First Aid recert class after work.  The one day with nothing planned is Friday which only means something will pop up. 

On saturday I have to announce the Shoreline Softball championship game but I end the week in style:  Dave Matthews Concert at the Meadows.  Excited for the show considering that he won’t be touring next year.  To add to the upside of that day Nikki’s mom is watching Avery so we have a quasi-date night.  WOO HOO!!! 

Man, I’m tired just typing this.  At least DMB is the carrot out there for me.


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