You Can Thank Me Later…..

I wrote a very topical entry about two weeks ago.  At the time it was very poignant, now it looks like I was a complete fool.  On May 5th, I wrote that David Ortiz was done.

On May 4th he went 0-4 with two strikeouts.  That game prompted me to write what is now a laughable post.  Since then he has hit 5 homers and driven in 15 runs.  Papi has 17 hits in 42 AB’s bringing his average up 100 points.

While the Red Sox haven’t won on a consistent basis during that same time, Papi has proven his critics wrong once again. 

Thanks for the motivation Hendu!!



Now I have always known about the power and influence of the written word, but this is crazy.  I’m sure that Ortiz read my blog that day and said ” I’ll prove that Hendu guy wrong.  I’ll make a fool of him!!!”  (BTW, the sky is maize and blue in my universe…..)

So Red Sox Nation, I will humbly accept your gratitude. 

I love the reverse-jinx.  I’m like the anti-Sports Illustrated.


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