Why I Do What I Do

I always get this question: “Why do you coach and what gets you through the season?”

Some days it is tough, but there is one reason and one reason only:  The kids and the chance to touch just one of their lives.  Yesterday I got this from one of my kids parents.

I was hoping to see you in person to talk to you about Saturdays game against Cromwell when you called time and brought my child to you. As a mom sitting on the sidelines of a kid who tries to pretend he hears everything to have you grab his helmet and look him right in the eyes and talk to him brought tears to my eyes. At that point I had no idea what you said but it really didn’t matter because I felt you got the fact he was struggling and you tried to give him encouragement. He told me later what you said and it solidified to me why all of the kids think you are such a great coach. He did tell his dad that he felt he let you down by not hitting but hopefully next time he won’t. I am sure as a coach you hear a lot of things the parents think you could do better so I needed you to know you couldn’t of handled that any better in my eyes.

That’s why. 

It’s not the wins.  It’s not the ego (unlike some coaches). 

That’s what drives me.  Impacting my kids lives and making them better for it. 

Simple as that.


2 Responses to “Why I Do What I Do”

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  2. Kudos from your very proud Mom.

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