Explain Something Please

Why in god’s name would anyone pay Bristol Palin $15-30,000 to speak at a function?

Why, ’cause she got knocked up by some hockey goon when she was a teen?

Why, ’cause she is “struggling” with being a single mother?

How is she gonna preach about abstinence being the right choice when the exact opposite got her a speaking gig where she makes up to $30,000 a pop?

If I’m a teenage girl, her way doesn’t sound half bad.  “Hmmmm, 30g’s and all I have to do is have a baby out-of-wedlock?  I’ll get national exposure, I’ll be made out to be the victim and my I can live at home so my entire family will have a hand in raising my baby? What’s the catch?”

I gotta believe that there are better options out there or maybe we have finally reached the bottom of the barrel.


2 Responses to “Explain Something Please”

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  2. if she was any other unwed teenage mother, there’s no way anyone would pay her to speak, it’s only because she is the daughter of a former vice presidential candiadate that she’s making that kind of change.

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