Golf for a Cause

It doesn’t take a lot to get me on a course this time of year.  It’s even easier when it is for a worthwhile cause.  That’s why I’m taking the day of June 7th to go do both.

That is the date of the 2nd annual Rob Novak Memorial Golf Tournament.  Last years event was unreal.  It went down as the largest tournament in the history of Lyman Orchards Golf Course and this years promises to be just as large.  I wrote two posts last year ( #1 and #2 ) on the event.

Last year my life had yet to change.  I go into this tournament with, at the time, an 11-month-old.  Rob passed away two years ago leaving behind two young daughters.  Now knowing what it is like to be a parent, it was a no-brainer taking part yet again. 

To see the love and generosity that everyone exuded last year was a sight to behold.  Everyone was there in such great spirits and were so giving.  $25,000 was raised last year and I’m sure we’ll be close again. 

Like I’ve said, I never met Rob or his family.  I do know how much he meant to my brother and after last year I see how much he meant to so many other people.  It was an honor to partake last year and it is the same honor this year. 

If anyone is interested in playing, the deadline to register is next Monday.  I think there are spots still open and trust me, being a stranger is not a problem.  They will welcome anyone that is kind and giving enough to participate. 

What a great event and I can’t wait for June 7th.  See you on the course.


One Response to “Golf for a Cause”

  1. Thanks for putting this up. And just to let people know, if you don’t want to play golf there are dinner tickets available as well. It truly is a great tournament for very good causes, celebrating the life of a great man.

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