10 Months

Well, it is a few days later but due to other circumstances I wasn’t able to get to it.

Our baby girl Avery had her 10-month birthday on Saturday.  So much has changed in a month.  We’ve had to switch daycare providers.  Our cousin Nicole had been watching her since September and it was great leaving her with family (plus a lot cheaper.)  The only reason we had to switch is because they are expecting their third kid any minute now and there is no way she could watch her two kids ( 5 +2), plus a 10-month old and a newborn.  We were very lucky to have found another place in town that is still relatively affordable and is flexible enough to fit our odd schedule.  Even better, Avery transitioned between the two like a champ.

The biggest development this month: crawling.  She went from pulling herself around army crawl style to actually crawling in just a few days.  Now, she is all over the place.  Chasing down the pets, exploring, pretty much just enjoying her new-found “freedom.”  Tell you what, that girl can fly.  You put her down and all you see is her little butt wiggling away from ya.  Kinda cute actually.  

It sure adds a whole new dimension to our day, but it’s great just watching her go.  It’s nice knowing you can put down a few toys (or the pets) and she is good for a while (with proper supervision of course.)  Now, she is starting to pull herself up.  It’s only a matter of time before she’s walking and falling all over the place. 

It’s amazing watching the development.  To see this happen firsthand is unbelievable.  You can literally see her grow right before your eyes.  This has been the most remarkable of many months so far in her young life. 

It’s fantastic how a little 18 lb bundle can make every trouble in the world fade away in a matter of seconds.  That smiling face sure does wonders for your mood.


2 Responses to “10 Months”

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  2. Why, yes it does.

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