Dear Boston Fans,

Hi gang, it’s me the Fleet Shawmut TD Banknorth Garden.  Sorry, it’s tough to have an identity with all these name changes but I think we can all settle on the New Garden. 

These next two days may be the biggest in the history of me.  I got game 6 in here tonight on my parquet floor and a game 7 on my ice Friday.  This is huge for me.  I am so giddy about these next 48 hours.  I know my ancestor, the original Garden, had a ton of these, but for me this is such a new experience.  I can barely be contained inside me.  I’m so excited I could bust. 

This is what I ask of all you fans that will be walking through my turnstiles the next two nights: get back to your core.  I’ve heard stories about the old crowds inside my grandfather.  The classic stories of crowds on their feet for entire games.  Being so loud that opposing teams couldn’t hear each other talk.  Rocking the old place so hard dust fell from the rafters and rats scurried for cover.  I’ve heard the stories of Bobby Orr flying thru the air and Larry stealing the ball. 

I need you fans to bring your “A” game.  Bring your lungs and your endurance.  I’m not quite ready to close up shop yet.

I’ve heard that you fans used to get all fired up without the help of a jumbotron or music.  Is that true?  Boy that would be great if that could happen again.  Just pure, organic noise and cheering.  You really don’t need cheerleaders do you?  (I may be a new building but I have an old soul….I kinda don’t like all this new fangled stuff that much, but I don’t have a say.  to them, I’m just bricks and mortar.  I am much more.  Remember I was built on the spot of my granddad.  I do feel his presence every now and then.)

This is a chance to make more history.  I have my one banner.  I want more though.  Yea, wasn’t that night in 2008 great?  The crowd was awesome.  That was such a fun night.  to be honest, after the crowd left I could still hear the cheering echo of me. 

It made the summer that much nicer. 

These next two nights though is a chance to make more history.  It’s time to throw all you got behind two teams that need its fans.  Tonight, you gotta think that LeBron guy will awake from his slumber.  The C’s need their fans and the energy to lift them to an upset.  When LeBron gets hot, I need you guys to get louder and urge on our boys in green.  Lets get KG, The Captain, Ray-Ray and my boy Rondo fired up. 

Tomorrow night, is even more vital.  Do-or-die.  Game 7 with a chance to play the hated Montreal Canadians.  Yep, I am aware that our B’s have blown a 3-0 lead.  That doesn’t matter now.  We need all the positive vibes you can bring in.  Nothing you can do about the past now, time to focus on one game.  Are our B’s hurt?  Sure, but c’mon you ain’t gonna let a bunch of punks from Philly come into me and push the Bruins around are you?  I didn’t think so. 

I want to put my stamp on this town dammit.  I have heard the comments about me and they hurt.  I want some history.  The Celts have had some moments here, but I want the Bruins to join in on the fun.  Lets make these two nights unforgettable.  Come on in and make a ton of noise.  Blow my roof off.  Throw things, make a mess of me, do whatever it takes.  I want you to.

It’s time to secure my place in Boston lore and time for Beantown fans to re-establish themselves as the loudest, crudest, most loyal and passionate fans in the country.  Thanks and I’ll see you tonight and tomorrow.

Sincerely Yours,

TD Garden.


3 Responses to “Dear Boston Fans,”

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  2. Well, check one game off the list. Now, (i really cant believe I am going to say this) Lets Go Bruins. I wanna see the good ol’ Canadians/bruins Rivalry back in full force, just makes for great hockey, and thats about all that i can rout for now that the defending champs are knocked out. and if philly wins i am swearing off hockey for the year. No way I can rout for any team from Philly

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