All Good Things Come To an End

I write this post under an umbrella of sadness.

Something that I took much pride in ended yesterday.

It was a streak that had lasted nearly six years. 

A run that was one of, if not the longest here at the Peacock.  Considering the hours I work and all the extra stuff I do on a daily basis, it was a pretty remarkable record.

My days of not calling out sick came to a disappointing end Monday night.

I think the last time I called out was 2004 (maybe 2003, it was so long ago I can’t remember.)  This was only the third time I have used a sick day.  I pride myself on my health and the fact that I can be counted on to be at work when I am scheduled.  I hate having other people picking up my slack.  It drove me crazy yesterday knowing that someone else was doing the job that I was scheduled to do.  Heck, I get bothered when I have to take a vacation day (it doesn’t last long, but it still takes a lot to drag me from work.)  Just goes to show how much I love this gig.  I couldn’t even make it baseball practice.  Yep, i was that bad.

My co-workers knew that it must have been really bad to knock me out.  This 24-hour “thing” put my wife on the shelf Sunday into Monday and me yesterday.  It was a pretty nasty little bugger.  I literally didn’t leave my couch till about 4:30 in the afternoon.  Luckily so far, Avery hasn’t got it yet.  *knock* *knock.


On the plus side though, I get to start a new streak.  Maybe one that is even longer than the previous.  I think using one sick day every six years or so will make my bosses happy. 

So, as I sit on here on Day one, I feel marvelous.  I challenge anyone to match me, and if you’ve gone longer, kudos to you.


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