Happy Mom's Day

It’s a few days early but I’d figure I would get a jump-start on everyone.  First off, to all the mothers out there:  Enjoy the day.  The world would not run without you.  Mothers are the glue to everything.  The sacrifices you all make for your family sometimes goes unrecognized but deep down are always appreciated.  They al take on the hardest job there is and do it with grace and charm.  So to that I say:  job well done.

Now, onto the two most important Moms out there:  My mom Joene and my wife Nikki.  There is no way I am where I am now without my Mom.  Her love, support and most importantly, her patience helped guide me on my path.  You were there for support when needed and also let me find my own way.  Here guidance this past year has been phenomenal and the Grandma roll suits her so well.  I love just sitting back and watching her play with Avery.  The connection the two have is remarkable.  So Mom, thank you for all you’ve done and all you have yet to do. 

My wife, Nikki has truly become a wonderful and fantastic mother in such a short amount of time.  It seems as if she was wired to take on this role.  Even before Avery blessed our lives, all the time and energy she put into finding and researching baby gear has paid off.  She was so focused on finding the best equipment that fit our lifestyle and budget.  She had an idea and it paid off in spades.  I knew from that point that this woman was going to be a fantastic mom.  I love seeing her and Avery together.  Seeing the bond these two have formed makes me so happy and proud.  Not once has she ever lost her head, freaked out, broken down or anything even with all the added burden (can’t say the same for me.)  Even during the tough times she was able to let her love and patience carry her through.  Watching her perform as a Mom has driven me to be a better Dad.  I’ve learned so much just by watching her with Avery.  from the late-night feeding to the early morning craziness to the drama filled bedtimes, Nikki has just rolled with the punches.  I’ve done all I can to help, but she has been the rock during this first ten months.  I am so lucky and blessed to be married to her and Avery is as well for having Nikki as a mother.  Everyday of parenthood is an adventure and I could not ask for a better partner than her.  Babe, I love you more now than ever before and seeing you with our daughter only makes that love grow. 

Happy Mothers Day!!!!


2 Responses to “Happy Mom's Day”

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  2. Every step … at least nearly so … has been and continues to be a pleasure with you and your brothers. You all make my life fuller. And … you are correct, Nikki is a great Mom. But you are also a great Dad.

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