Bottle It Up

Man, I wish I could bottle up this past weekend and save it for later in the year.  I know there will be a sat/sun when it’s miserable out and how great would it be to take these two gems out?

The weather was perfect.  Not too hot, no humidity.  Nice breeze off the river and great sleeping weather. 

It started off with my JV team getting its fourth win of the year.  I gotta give these kids a lot of credit.  Considering that we only have 6 or 7 kids at practice, they come out on game day ready to go.  It helps that the reinforcements that come down from the varsity play just as hard knowing that these 7 strictly JV kids need them to perform well.  It has been a blast coaching them so far, and to be honest have exceeded my expectations already.  Of course, I’m greedy now and want even more success for them.

The rest of Saturday involved a lot of lying around and relaxing.  Something that was much-needed.  We were able to eat outside for the first time.  The night wrapped up with our first trip of the season to the local ice cream shop.  It can be dangerous to have one within walking distance but the giant Oreo ice cream sandwiches are soooooo worth it.

Working this shift you tend to forget what a great night’s sleep is.  It’s impressive what sleeping from 10-7 back-to-back nights can do for ya.  In two weekend nights I got as much sleep as I normally get in almost a week.  Is that healthy???

Sunday could not have been better.  It was cool enough in the morning to mow the lawn then the afternoon was sunny and breezy enough to spend outside playing in the yard.  Once she got used to the feel of the grass, she loved crawling around in it.  I think this girl will love the sun and grass, just wait till we get her to a beach. 

All in all, a great weekend. 

Now what does it say about me that it was this good even with the Celts and Sox losing all four games they played??  It never even got to me. 

I know, I’m scared too!


2 Responses to “Bottle It Up”

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  2. She’s ready to conquer her world.

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