Eye of the Beholder?

Is that where beauty truly lies?  Or does our view of beauty get skewed a bit. 

My daughter got me thinking about this.  When was the last time you heard a parent say “Man, my baby is just flat-out ugly!”  Never?  Me too.  All parents think that their child is the cutest and that’s the way it should be but is their view skewed by love or do they really see their child differently than the rest of the world?  Now, I think we all can agree that these babies are ugly:     .  I’m sure that they are loved to death by their parents, like they should be, but do they view them differently than the rest of the public?  Do they see a different face? 

Now I know that you are never supposed to tell a mother and father that they have ugly offspring nor should they never admit in public that their babies are ghastly.  In private though do they ever have that conversation?  Just between the parents does the word “ugly” ever come up? 

Now, I know that I think my daughter is gorgeous    , but that’s my view.  I swear I’m not fishing for compliments, these are serious thoughts.  Does the look different to the rest of the world.  Are my eyes adjusting her look to see something that may or may not be there.  Do our brains mess with our vision so we see our children in a different light than others? 

I don’t know, maybe they are just all breathtaking in their individual ways.


6 Responses to “Eye of the Beholder?”

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  2. I honestly don’t care and if someone will tell that my daughter is ugly. For me she’s the most beautiful baby on earth.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Your daughter is beautiful … not everyone is so blessed.

  4. Kind of like the Shallow Hal corrollary for babies?

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