Happy Birthday!!!

Today is the 75th birthday of my grandmother Jean Fournier. 

She is my mom’s mom and after what she has been through the past year and a half, she and we are blessed to celebrate this day.

She has lived quite a life.  She is a world-renowned dog judge (no joke there.)  She has judged at literally thousands of dog shows all over the world.  She is one of the most prominent experts on Siberian Huskies and she was nominated for a lifetime achievement award from the American Kennel Club

The Whole Clan

Her love of dogs is only supplanted by her love for her family, at least I think.  She is the proud matriarch of our entire clan.  We all get together every two or three years and you can tell how happy she is in this role.  It was a role that was passed down to her from her Mom (my great-grandmother, Buh-Buh) and then her older sister Rosie.  She bubbles with pride at these events watching her entire family hang out together.

More recently, she got to hang with her first great-grand daughter.  She met Avery way back in July when Avery had very little clue who her parents were, let alone other relatives.  This time around you really could see the connection between the two.  It was almost like Avery knew who she was.  It was great seeing the two of them bond.  Great-Grandma was completely taken by her. 

Avery with Great-Grandma

As for me, she’ll always be my favorite grandma.  She is always good for a laugh.  I can talk sports with her.  Seriously, how many 75-yr-old women do you know that can talk about the Celtics.  My brother and I were fixtures at her houses when she lived in CT.  We would spend weekends there getting spoiled like grandkids are supposed too.  We loved spending time with her and really love it when we get to visit now on those rare occasions.

She is an amazing women who has let an extraordinary life.  Her entire family and the entire dog world are lucky and thrilled that she gets to keep it going long past 75 years. 
So, here’s to you Grandma, Happy Birthday!!!  By far the best Grandma you could ask for.  I Love You!!!

2 Responses to “Happy Birthday!!!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Well done. Well said.

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