Back on the Horse

Last December 6th I swore it was over.  I left a beaten and shattered soul, vowing my 17-year affair was over.  My family never believed me.  In fact, I was openly mocked by those closest to me.  I tried to make them think I was serious.  They knew me to well.

This morning, I am eating my words and boy are they delicious!!!!

Yesterday, I was back. 

Golf had swung back into my life. 

Was I serious about giving up the game I love so much yet drives me mad with frustration?  I think for a few moments walking from the 13th green at Fox Hopyard that mild Sunday morning it was a serious consideration.  It was the end of the golf season and while I enjoyed the company I played with all year, I was disappointed that I never really improved. 

It all came to a head on the 12th hole when after another awful drive, I snapped my driver over my knee.  It was

12th Hole @ the Hopyard

something I did and I am not proud of it.  I have tried for years to become more relaxed on the course and for the most part, I have.  That moment though was the boiling point.  I played that hole and the next, walking off mid-round in a cloud of frustration and disgust.

Yesterday though, my love of the game came back.  Maybe it was the free golf (closed course due to rain), maybe it was the conditions (cloudy, not to warm, not to cold), maybe it was the company (always love playing with my brother) but I think it was the complete lack of expectations.  Good or bad I vowed to let it be.  These were my first swings in 5 1/2  months.  Surprisingly, I came out of it feeling pretty good.

1st hole @ Banner Lodge

Can one round change me?  Maybe it can.  I never wanted to quit the sport I just think I needed a trial separation.  Being away from it made me realize how much I love playing it, even if it is a bad day. 

I guess sometimes the ones closest too you can know you better than yourself.  For that,  I am truly happy.


3 Responses to “Back on the Horse”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hmmm … what do golfing and skiing have in common?

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  3. […] See, last December I swore off golf.  I’d had enough of the maddening game.  I had hit my last slice, snap hook, pop-up, worm-burner, fat, thin, chunky, shank, yip and whatever else you got.  I told myself I was done while walking off the 13th green at Fox Hopyard. […]

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