My Bad

It’s been a rough few weeks for the Olde Hometown team.  Theo’s defense and pitching approach has not yet proved fruitful and the offensive worries from the off-season have reared their ugly head.  It sure doesn’t help that the Yankees and the Rays have played great baseball.

The cure though, may have happened last night.  Step one took place in the booth.  You see, Jerry Remy always has Wally sitting in his Adirondack chair.  Every now and then when things aren’t so rosy in Red Sox Nation he will stand young Walter on his head in hopes that fortunes reverse.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.  Last night, for one night it all paid off.

That is the quick fix. 

I figured out the more permanent one.  Nope, it doesn’t involve better at bats.  It has nothing to do with better starting pitching.  The defensive play, nope not even close.  The answer, my friends, sits next to my TV.  See, during the year I arrange different things around my TV that correspond with the current season.  During the Fall, it’s Michigan gear.  During the Spring, it’s Sox stuff.  Well, last night Nikki noticed that our Wally was not in is proper spot.  (We want him on that stand, we need him on that stand.)  So I ran upstairs, grapped the little guy and put him in his proper spot.  then, low and behold, Darnell McDonald happened.

Now, things should turn around.  Wally is chillin’ next to the flat screen in East Haddam and standing on his head in Beantown.  The 4-9 start is my fault.  Put the blame on me.  I’m a big boy, I can take it.

Now, let’s get this season going.

If your question is “Is this freak serious about this?”  The answer is a whole-hearted YES!!!  If you don’t think that we have power over our sports team then I have to question your fanhood. 

If you think I sound  crazy in print, try living with me.


4 Responses to “My Bad”

  1. Pete Olsen Says:

    You have any vodoo jedi tricks that I can borrow to help the Noises?
    I’m a fan and I’ll try anything..

  2. Well when Avery showed up last week, you scored 4 runs and went on to win (although when she left, you let the other team score a bunch).
    Yesterday’s game was not her fault though since you were already down 2-0 when we got there.

  3. Try living with you? Been there, done that … interesting.

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