I love gadgets.  I always want the latest and greatest.  That’s why I wanted the droid (awesome).  That is why things like the i-pad intrigue me.  That is why I love my Blu-Ray player and my HDTV (of course now I want a bigger one).

This thing I saw today though is one of the coolest.  It is called the winscape.    No, that is not an apartment that over looks the San Fransisco Bay, that is a computer-generated effect.  Here is the link to the website and a video that goes with it

How freakin’ cool is that?  You obviously don’t need that if your view is already tremendous, but imagine living in a small NYC apartment where your only window has looking at a brick wall.  Couldn’t you see yourself wanting one of these.  You could change the scene to whatever you wanted.  Space, sea, sky, a sunrise or set.  The possibilities are endless (well, not really, the possibilities are confined to a cpu program, but you get what I meant.) 

Let me set one possible scene for you:  You’re a 25-year-old guy with a good job but a lousy apartment in the city(pick one, any one.)  You bring a girl over for a date.  Before, you were ashamed to show off your apartment and the view of the neighbors laundry hanging on the line out your window.  Now though,  you have the winscape and you can totally blow her mind.  Imagine is she loves the ocean….. tada whales swimming.  Space nut, we got it.  Does she love the sunset over the Grand Canyon?  Bingo!

See, this is what I do.  Improve people’s lives.  Yet another service I offer.



One Response to “Gadgety”

  1. Thank goodness the world has you to brighten it up.

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