What's in a Day

Sure, there is a sunrise and sunset.  I still think there is 24 hours but it sure seems like a lot less doesn’t it?  My concern goes deeper.  I’m not a superficial guy.  I always look deep into something. 

Like today.  It’s not just a Friday.  It’s not just April 16th.  No, no it is so much more than that. 

In fact today is National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day.  So now feel free to wear those raggedy old sweats and that holey college tee into the office.  Maybe you are feeling a little more risqué, so the boxers or bra/panties look is for you (just be ready for the repercussions).

For those of you curious, this is the website that lists them all: brownielocks.  See, yesterday was National High Five day AND National That Sucks Day (yep, my head was spinning too). 

Consider this just one of the many things this blog offers.  Maybe you can get me a gift on National Bloggers Day (Oct. 27th……in Indonesia) or you can find time to criticize my grammer on National Grammer Day (March 4th).

Or my favorite, National No Pants Day (1st Friday in May)

Enjoy your weekend.



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