Maybe Love is Blind

With the news that Larry King is getting a divorce for a 7th time, something struck me as shocking.  Not that he was getting another divorce, it’s the fact that seven women found him attractive enough to actually go through with a marriage, let alone the wedding night.  I can see marrying for money, but doesn’t looks matter even a little?  honestly, how can any healthy normal woman find this attractive:?

While I’m on celebrity marriages, let’s get into this Tiger Woods thing.  Reports this morning are saying that Elin is going to leave Tiger, take the kids and about 1/2 a trillion dollars or so and head off back to Sweden.  The final straw was, wait for it……. his stupid Nike commercial.  REALLY???? That was the final straw??  That is what pushed her over the edge, so to speak?? 

I can hear her now (insert bad swedish accent here)  OK, Tiger I can live with the lies and deceit.  I can put up with the literally dozens of extramarital affairs.  The sex addiction thing?  Ok, fine you got help.  But to make a weird-ass commercial with your over-bearing dad’s voice scolding you as you stand there staring blankly at a camera, a girl can only take so much.  C’mon, you expect us to believe that? 

Gee, I wonder if Tigger signed a pre-nup???  Let’s see him get up-and-down from this.



2 Responses to “Maybe Love is Blind”

  1. acouple things. it is actually divorce number 8. Just amazing.

    Tiger does have a pre-nup, and apperntly Elin is only supposed to get like $20 mil. which is nothing to sneeze at, but when you are married to tiger woods the gazillionare, thats kinda a raw deal.

    • I’ll take 20 mill but she’s gotta be able to get more from it. Maybe there was a clause in there about boinking Perkins waitresses to void the contract

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