Big Things for a Little League

As a baseball coach, anything that involves the game always piques my interest.  Whether it’s a story from the Major’s to something small in high school, I love ’em all.

This one is great.  The Lebanon Little League is in an online contest to get $50,000 from Pepsi to build three new fields for their program.  Some of you may have seen it on our air or website yesterday some of you may be hearing about it for the first time here.  The concept is as simple as it gets:  whatever project gets the most online votes, gets the cash.  You can vote here and it takes less than three minutes.

During these tough economic times when small organizations are having such a difficult time raising money, the fact that a huge corporation like Pepsi is being so generous and giving is fantastic. 

Now, I don’t have a personal tie to this at all.  I don’t live in the town nor do I know anyone involved in Lebanon Little League.  What is important to me is that kids who love baseball get a chance to play.  It is a dieing sport amongst our youth.  Soccer, football and lacrosse are taking these kids at such a young age.  Hey, I get it.  Baseball can be a boring sport compared to the others but when you see the joy a kid gets after hitting a pitch or making a catch for the first time, nothing beats it in any sport.   Little League plays such an important role in this.  While I have issues with the corporation part of it,  the heart of the organization is teaching and respected this great sport. 

If me voting helps any local league get money to build new fields so kids can play more, I’ll do it.  We need to start spreading the love for this game and it needs to start at a young age.  I’m afraid if we don’t, when and if I have a son and he gets to the age where he can start playing, baseball may not be an option.


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