Run Its' Course

During my fabulous 32 years on this Earth a lot of devices have passed on.

We went from tapes to cd’s and now to mp3’s and iPod’s.

VHS made way for dvd’s which are now being shoved aside by bluray’s.

Big ol’ tube TV’s that also served as a piece of furniture have been put to pasture by HD flat screens.

Regular light bulbs are no good anymore, now it’s better to have energy-efficient fluorescents.

Maps?  Defunct, thanks to GPS devices.

Dial-up internet.  That is so 1995.

Payphones?  When’s the last time you or used one of those?

I have embraced all these changes.  I’ve accepted each of these changes with open arms.  I love how they have made my life better and easier.  I love me some fancy new electronics.  Even with all this, I seem to be holding on to one last relic and now is the time to hang it up.

It’s time to ditch the land line.  What purpose does this still serve except taking $40 a month out of my pocket?  Our cell service is great where we live.  All the numbers I need are on my droid.  We can get 911 calls out if needed.  Our cell plan has more than enough minutes and long distance coverage per month for us.  So why do I need it? 

Also, by cancelling my phone I will no longer receive any more phonebooks.  I haven’t used one of those relics in about three years.  If your company isn’t on-line, I have no interest in you.  Get with the times.  It’s just a waste of paper isn’t it?  I asked some people this morning in the newsroom and a few said they still use one.  That’s great but why does the phone company feel the need to drop one of at every single house?  Shouldn’t they be requested by those who need it?  It may be a way for the phone company to knock down their fees.  I dunno, just a thought.

I can’t wait to make that call and un-tether us from this 20th century dinosaur. 

Just call it step one in my quest to be debt-free by September of 2011.  See, there is a reason for my rants.



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