9 Months

No, I’m not talking about a cheesy Hugh Grant movie.  Today is the nine month birthday of Avery.

Helping Grandma Outside

She had her nine month doctor’s appointment on Monday.  Everything came up roses.  Perfectly healthy little girl.  The emphasis on little.  She is in the 5th % for her age in weight and in the 20th % for height.  She’s just a small girl.  The weird thing is, she eats A TON OF FOOD.  Fruit or veggies it doesn’t matter.  She eats it all but gains very little.  One reason I think is that she is always moving.  The girl does not sit still.  She is always bouncing or crawling or rolling around.  I can’t imagine the amount of calories that she burns.  The kid has gained a little less than three pounds in three months.  What up wit dat??

Besides that, (which isn’t a big deal) she is developing more and more every day.  She has mastered the army crawl and moves around pretty well.  She is speaking in one syllable words and has starting stringing different sounds together.  Just a few days ago she learned how to click her tongue.  It’s been so cool watching her grow.

Her personality has started to really emerge.  She is just a happy, smilin’, gigglin’ kid.  Very rarely does she have a monumental breakdown, but when she does, watch out.  She sure makes everyone know when she’s unhappy (I have no idea where she got that from……) 

So far though, it has been an absolute dream.  She such a great kid and is so much fun.  We really lucked out with this one.  Now, if she can just keep it up for another 19 or so years we’ll be good.

Maybe if she got more food in her mouth she could gain some weight.


2 Responses to “9 Months”

  1. Grandma’s going to turn that girl into a gardener yet. So far so good, she liked being barefoot in the grass. Oh yeah, when you say 19 or so years, emphasis should be on ‘so’ … there’s still a lot of support and raising going on after that 20th year.

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