What a Weekend

WOW!!! That’s all I can say.  From the weather to the family and wrapped up with the sports, it was ideal.  Started with our first and only varsity scrimmage up at Cheney Tech in Manchester.  We won 9-6.  Some really good offense including a three-run blast from our sophomore SS and a big day from our senior catcher.  The pitchers threw the ball well and the final score doesn’t represent how well we played.  Of course there are some things to work on, but it’s much better working on stuff after a win than a loss.

Saturday was my brother’s 27th birthday as well.  We celebrated out at Eli Cannon’s in Middletown that night.  If you’ve never been, I highly recommend it.  Great food and a ton of beer on tap.  We were able to sit out on their back patio, and while it was a tad chilly, it sure was nice.  That afternoon, he went golfing,  not a bad way to celebrate a bday.  Now comes the part where you get pissed.  He shot an 82 (ok), he thought it should have been an 80 (whatever), he did it on a broken leg (that son-of-a….)!!!!!!  Yeah, I don’t like him much either. 🙂

We were able to cap off the weekend with a great Celtics win Sunday afternoon, an awesome dinner with the entire fam and the capper, the SOx win over those damn Yankees.  I thought this team wasn’t going to have any offense.  I guess Youk and Pedroia didn’t get that message.  How great was it to see Pedro back in his old #45?  Playing to the crowd.  The man is entertaining.  Finally, that kid and the speech.  What an awesome job.  I think I want to hire him out to fire me up whenever I need a boost.



2 Responses to “What a Weekend”

  1. Your catcher is a Junior, you get to enjoy his talents next year as well.

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