A New Direction: 2010 Boston Red Sox

The Bridge. 

If you are a Red Sox fan, you’ve heard that phrase thrown around a lot since the painful ALDS loss to the Angels.  Of course, Sox fans assumed that to mean that management had no intentions to build a contending team the next few years.  I found it odd that Sox fans would assume the worse, but that idea could not be less true.

Boston spent like very smart businessmen this off-season.  They brought in the best pitcher available in John Lackey for a very good price.  They finally (hopefully) solved their past shortstop problems with a SS, Marco Scutaro, who will be good now as they look to the future and Cuban import Jose Iglasias.  Get all that?  They also put their focus on run prevention by signing hot corner savant Adrian Beltre and smooth CF Mike Cameron, shifting Jacoby Ellsbury to left.  Yes they lost Jason Bay and his 30+ homers and 100+ RBI’s but they’re hoping the new gloves make up for that.

The Olde Towne Team comes into this season with a stout starting staff.  Trip-aces Beckett, Lester and Lackey with support from Dice-K, Wake and Clay will carry this team.  The bullpen looks to be in stride with last years group as we get the pleasure of watching Daniel Bard for a full season.  He’ll be the main set-up guy for Paps (who’ll be just fine, so relax) and with Okie, Ramirez et al the pen is in good shape.

Many “pundits” think the Achilles heel for this team will be their bats.  I for one, think that’s a bunch of hooey! (sorry for the language)  Many teams would die for the Sox “offensive woes.”  With Ells, Pedroia, V-Mart, Youk, Papi and my guy JD Drew.  That’s a pretty damn good 1-6.  Having Beltre, Cameron and Scutaro rounding out the nine, it looks like a lineup that’ll put up some nice #’s.  Remember, all you have to do is score just one more run than their opponent.  If anything, the offense looks to be more consistent.

The one bad thing this year: the division.  With the Yankees and Rays to do battle with, these may be the three best teams in the AL.  I think the Sox have the horses to carry them deep into October though. 

I think we’ll hear plenty of “Dirty Water” coming from the Fens this year!!


One Response to “A New Direction: 2010 Boston Red Sox”

  1. Looking forward to Sunday.

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