The 2010 New York Mes(t)s

It’s that time of year when sports fans begin turning their attention to the baseball diamonds across the country.  The air gets warmer, the grass gets greener and Mets fan fall into a pit of despair.  Ahhhh, the rites of Spring.

I really do feel for all you fans of the Miracles, they just keep ripping out your heart.  You are a loyal bunch and what do you get back?  A new stadium that pays homage to the Brooklyn Dodgers.  A 4-year contract for Luis Castillo and the worst management this side of the LA Clippers.

How can a team with a payroll well north of $100 million have a rotation of Johan Santana and the four misfits.  Sorry, that’s a little rough.  Mike Pelfry isn’t bad.  John Maine and Oliver Perez are just plain awful.  I’ll wait to hold judgment on young Jon Niese.  He has the potential to fit in nicely. 

Tell ya what, if the Mets pitching staff was a row of books, you’d have “of Mice and Men” and one end and “the Great Gatsby” at the other with a bunch of pop-up books in the middle.  K-Rod will be there to close games out, but how much opportunity will he have?  As bad as the starters are, I think the bullpen is just as bad.  To make things worse, they are going to get a ton of innings as well.

At least the offense can help a bit.  Their one big off-season move was to bring in ex-Red Sox Jason Bay.  A great choice.  Lets bring in a flyball/pull hitter into a park sees towering fly balls fall into gloves instead of over a fence.  On top of that, he’s a left fielder with little range and no arm.  Not a great combo for a cavernous outfield.  Carlos Beltran will help, but he starts the season on the DL and may not be ready till mid-May.  When healthy, he is a top-flight player.  Only thing is, he hasn’t been healthy in like a year.  Same thing goes for Jose Reyes.  This team has a ton of talent but it’s a tad snake-bitten.  Lets be honest, the top returning Mets players statisically from last season is Castillo and Daniel Murphy.  Not good signs fans.

Might as well keep throwing stuff on the pile while I’m at it.  Not only do they play in the same town as the defending World Series champs, but in the same division as the 2008 champs and last years runner-up.  The Braves got much better.  Hell, even the Marlins and the Nationals did more to improve their team.

I’m sorry fans, there isn’t much nice things to say about this franchise.  Over priced players and under-performing management makes a bad combo.  I wish I could be more positive, but I don’t see more than 75 wins and that’s generous.  I think that too many things have to break right for this team to have a good season.  That’s something we shouldn’t have to say about a large market team with a huge payroll.

That’s all right, football season is only five months away.

Tomorrow, a Red Sox preview.  Friday, the Yanks.  Monday: predictions.  Stay dry!!



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