A Law Lesson

Yesterday, we (my wife and I) got to experience a first for us.  We went through our first (and hopefully last) court session.  Now, it’s nothing we did wrong, we had filed a civil suit against a local business and yesterday was our day in court.

In a nutshell, they did an oil change on her Honda Accord.  Three weeks later the check engine light came on.  She brought it do a different shop (a Honda Dealer) and they told her that a valve malfunctioned due to oil starvation and the little oil they did find was dark and dirty.  Our argument was that they failed to do the oil change properly.

So, we filed a civil suit to pay for the oil change and the repairs.  This was after we tried to work out an agreement.  We really didn’t want to drag this into court, but we were left with no other choice, and hey, that’s why it’s there right?

So we were able to go in yesterday and fight for our side.  To be honest, it was fun.  I think I coulda made a good lawyer, if only it didn’t involve all that school work.  I think we did a pretty good job and I was fairly confident leaving court that we were going to get something. 

It was an interesting experience.  We were able to get a bit of insight on how the system operates.  If anything it was educational.  Of course we also want it to be profitable as well. 

Now, it’s in the hand of the judge.  We should find out in a week or so how he decided.  I’ll let you know.  Regardless of the outcome, I won’t be hesitant if something like this happens again. 

Yet another reason why this country is great.  Being able to stand up for what you think is right.


P.S.  Just found out we lost.  😦


11 Responses to “A Law Lesson”

  1. “Judge Jason” Even I would tune in for that show!!

  2. In this case I think Justice forgot her glasses.

  3. for all the complaining we’ve been hearing about America not being what it used to be (what ever that was supposed to be), America is still a nation of law. Whether or not we agree with the decision, respecting the word of law is central to who we are as Americans. Agreeing with the decision is not necessary, abiding by it is. The beautiful thing is, agree or disagree, we all have a choice as to where we spend our money, or more to the point, where not to spend it. That’s freedom. Rights are like muscles, using them keep you strong.

    • The justice system shouldn’t be used to play games and frivalous suits is one of the reasons that there is so much complaining about America. A reason health care is such an issue. As far as muscles go, your mouth muscle must be real strong.

  4. First message didn’t make the cut huh?

  5. Wisk, don’t know who you are but first off, Thanks for reading. One of the pluses about writing this blog is getting different views. That being said, the suit was not frivolous. We felt we were wronged and the justice system didn’t see it that way. Oh well, you win some you lose some. I can live with the ruling either way, I’m a big boy. What really bothers me is the fact that the otherside won but that wasn’t good enough for them. There is something to be said be winning with class and dignity. Once I found out we lost, it was over. I honestly never gave it a second thought till yesterday when things were said online by people who hide behind fake names. I’m not sure what healthcare has to do with anything and just because I’m out working and not glued to a computer doesn’t mean that messages “don’t make the cut” I have never deleted a message from my blog. All opinions are welcome. With all that being said, in hindsight, maybe winning would not have been the best thing. If this is the way they act in victory, I would have hated to see the reaction to a loss.

    • First of all HENDU, that’s your real name right? Not a nickname like Wisk, ask around and you can figure it out I’m sure. Second, not sure what the reaction would be after a loss, because I’m not used to it, way to used to winning. But you should know how to handle it well. Also, you’re the one who posted this garbage on

  6. Wisk aka Mike Says:

    A. Hendu is your real name?
    B. You must spend some time sitting in front of your computer- look at this blog and your facebook. But if you say so.
    C. Anything I put on line is a reponse to your postings.
    D. I’m very used to winning and believe me, it is good enough.
    E. If you did some homework you would understand the difference between “technical jargon” and fact
    F. If step-dads didn’t stoop to name calling then maybe I wouldn’t be so hostile

    • I’m done with this. I said my piece. Nothing was fabricated. I knew who you were as soon as I saw the nickname. As for hendu, yep that’s a nickname too but a little research and you’ll find my real name unlike m.m. As for this whole issue, ya really got to let it go. Like I said they won, we lost
      We moved on. Time to put this to bed, I’m bored with it all.

      • FYI Maxeme Moodus represents a group not only me, and Maxene is your friend on Facebook, I’m not. That is the only reason I used that facebook to comment on your posts and not my own. I figured you knew my nickname or could at least figure it out, there are many Mikes, not many Wisks. Personally, the whole issue never really bothered me at all. I viewed it only as a misunderstanding and was always confident that things would turn out fine once everything was explained properly. I only became upset after the way I heard my father was spoken to by your supporter; that doesn’t fly with me. The fact that YOU decided to share this issue online also rubbed me the wrong way, as well as some of the comments on this blog by others. The fact of the matter is I KNOW nothing we did was wrong, and it is my true belief (after reading and listening to all of the information) that you were ripped off by the Honda dealer, but even with all the clear facts and after the ruling, we are still somehow at fault in your eyes. I don’t get that. I also don’t feel that there is a winner in this situation (except maybe the Honda Dealer) and I dislike the fact that you use game references in your comments like “fun” and “win”, this wasn’t game and was never considered one. If you really tried to work this out before hand and came into the shop yourself (instead of some idiotic pompous ass who has nothing to do with it), I’m sure the problem could have been worked out long ago. The End.

  7. I thought about just letting this go, but there is no way I’m going to let anyone get the last word on my blog. I honestly don’t know why you all are so bent out of shape over what somebody called somebody else. So what? I’ve been called that and worse. I just laugh it off and agree with ’em. That’s right, I am one. They never liked him before why would him calling your father a name really bother you. Myself, I take it as a compliment. It probably never would have gotten to that point if your father didn’t point his finger and raise his voice to start with. As for posting it on MY blog. I don’t care if you approve or not. It was a public issue. I never discussed it with anyone before the court date, but once that was over I felt it was free to post anything because the case was in the public file. This is a place for my to write what goes on in my life and this was a fairly big moment. I don’t need anyone’s permission, especially yours. I write what I want when I want to. It’s called freedom of speech. If you don’t like it, too bad. Everything I wrote was fact. I never disparaged anyone and didn’t even mention the name of the business or will I. About the game references: I get the most out of life. I go into situations with a positive outlook. Yeah, i had fun. Again, why do you care what I fund fun or not? It was enjoyable but not something that I want to do again. It was a great experience. Finally, my supporter may have called your father a bad name( I know, he’s such a meanie. maybe we should wash his mouth out with some Lifeboy…..) during a private conversation. You did the same thing in the previous comment on a public forum. Glass houses my man. On a side note, I hope you were able to avoid major flood damage.

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