Support Needed

Over the past few weeks, we’ve reported on numerous towns and their budget issues.  The one thing that almost always comes up is the education budget and what cuts are going to happen.  Of course, one of the more touchy subjects is that of athletics and other extra-curricular activities.

I strongly believe that these should be the last things that are taken away from kids.  The lessons they learn through sports and the arts can’t be replicated in the classroom.  We would do a huge dis-service to the future of this country be cutting these programs.

This is one reason why I started a Facebook page for my baseball team, as well as a twitter account.   Now, we aren’t in danger of being cut ( at least I hope not…..) but I felt the need to start an organized support base.  Someplace where we can focus our fundraising through. 

I hope that this can become a great use of Facebook and twitter.  I strongly encourage other coaches and club organizers for high schools to do the same.  This would enable a place for the community to “gather” and show their support through their words and maybe their wallets.

Check out your community.  Look to help out these types of organizations and teams.  If they show that they can help raise some money on their own which can help subsidize their budget, maybe Boards of Ed’s around the state will stop threatening to cut these much-needed programs.

OK, I’ll get off my soapbox now.  Thanks.



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