A Different Kind of Bracket

As most of America is keyed up for the NCAA tournament and how ell they are doing in their bracket pool, MTV News has come up with a new way for us to waste more valuable time at work.

They came up with a march madness-esque bracket that involves the top 65 musical acts in the industry.  Click here for a look at itHere is the breakdown as well.

Some questions right off the top.  No Metallica?  How does the greatest hard rock band of all time and a band that is still very much relevant not make the big dance?  That’s a travesty.  The Peppers as a 15 seed?  Coldplay and Nickleback #1’s?  No Nirvana? 

I filled out my bracket and here’s what I got:  RHCP, Pearl Jam, U2 and DMB in my final four.  RHCP over DMB for the whole thing.  Yeah, they’re my favorites but I don’t care. 

Have fun with it.  I’ll check back periodically to give updates on the outcomes.


5 Responses to “A Different Kind of Bracket”

  1. My championship – Metallica vs. Black Sabbath,
    Black Sabbath wins- no suprises, they were an overall one seed at the start of the tournament.

    RHCP’s are amazing, they would be in my sweet 16 for sure.

  2. so you are actually admitting that Nirvana should be included in the bracket?….

  3. Grudgingly, yes. They were groundbreakers. Not the best mind you, but the first of a generation.

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