My Two Cents

Even after being passed by the house and signed by the President today, the debate rages on about this health care bill.

I can appreciate the concerns about the cost.  $940 billion is a lot of money.  It’s even more considering what has been spend recently with the tarp bill.  Lets keep in mind how much that number pales in comparison to the cash thrown at the war in Iraq.  Isn’t it better to spend money to help out Americans rather than a pointless war in a foreign country?  (please, don’t bring up the whole terrorism angle, you all know that’s a bunch of b.s.  My problem is with Iraq, not Afghanistan)

I lived for years without health insurance.  It had nothing to do with being unemployed though.  I was working as a part-timer and it wasn’t an option.  To get it on my own was impossible.  The costs were through the roof.  I wasn’t insured till I got married in May of 2003.  For four years after school: no coverage.  Under this plan, people up to 27 yrs old can stay on their parents plan.  I know a fair amount of young professionals that would fall under this provision.

This would expand coverage to 32 million un-insured Americans.  Yet again, why is this bad.  They become insured so we don’t have to pay so much for them.  I personally don’t care if my medicare taxes go up.  As I see it though, only individuals who make over $200k and families over $250k will see the biggest increase.  I know that this could anger that tax bracket, but I feel it is time to pay it forward.  If I was lucky enough to make that kinda coin, I would not be bothered by the increase.

Under this plan, it requires everybody to have health insurance.  This is bad how?  Every driver has to have car insurance.  What’s the difference?  Please someone explain this to me.

Even though I am in favor of abortions, I like the fact that they aren’t covered.  I think that is an individual decision and therefore should be payed by said individual. 

Again, the price tag is high.  I feel things worth having are gonna cost ya.  I hope that this is put into law and then we can start trimming away other government expenses to help get the deficit down even more.  I am concerned about that going forward but there has to be more options than NOT having universal healthcare. 

This is just a first step in the right direction.  Are there kinks?  Sure, but social security and medicare had to iron out the wrinkles early on and look how those turned out.  Just give it some time and stop with all the hatred. 

Nothing good can happen in this country till we all can work together.  And for that, both parties are at fault.



3 Responses to “My Two Cents”

  1. This country is facing a 9.8 percent unemployment rate. Why would someone HAVE to buy health insurance even if they can’t afford it? This don’t make any sense.

  2. Agreed Hendu… has its shortcomings….its gaps…and is expensive as hell……but think its a move in the right direction. Just hope the elected officials do the right thing and work together to make it better.

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