Fresh Blood

Sometimes, even if you absolutely love what you do for a living, things can get stale.  The days can get monotonous.  The tasks can become repetitive and dull.  You try not to let them, but it’s just human nature.  Maybe we take our jobs for granted a bit and forget what makes them so great.

Things had sorta felt like that for me the past couple weeks.  It was just the same ol’ same ol’.  I didn’t let it affect my productivity but still I felt things had become mundane.

Luckily, turnover in the TV biz happens a lot.  People come and people go in this very fluid business.  For me, the changes here have sure helped.  It all started with our “Hot Coffee” show at 4:30am.  Nothing like a schedule change to loosen up the cobwebs.  Then, we had two new PA’s start on our tight-knit crew. 

It’s always good to get some fresh faces in here.  Teaching them the ways of our job always bring renewed enthusiasm, at least to me.  Just seeing how in awe they are after one day of work reminds me what a great and difficult job we have.  Sometimes we tend to forget how hard it was learning our craft but training new hiree’s always brings us back to those days. 

With new hires means someone else has moved on.  Lucky for us these people have stayed here at the Peacock, just with bigger and better jobs.  That is always a nice pick-me-up as well.  Seeing your colleagues get recognized for their hard work and dedication as they try to learn a new task or job. 

It’s always nice how life plays out like this.



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