It's a Great Day!!!

Today is one of my favorite days of the year.

It’s the first day of baseball practice around the great state of CT and by 3pm, the Hale-Ray Noises team will be in action.  9 of our pitchers and 3 of our catchers will set the groundwork for what we expect to be another good year.  Coming off a 13 win season last year and a tough first round loss, we are hungrier this year. 

We have some holes to fill, but we feel confident that these kids are ready.  Nothing like the first day of the season.  Everyone feels they have a chance and optimism is high. 

We work ’em hard this first week, but it has paid off greatly.  We feel success in June starts with hard work this week.  This season will be no different.

The only downside is, my wife becomes a widow and my daughter becomes fatherless.  Besides that little thing,  bring on the season.

Also, hopefully you all get through the day without your best friend stabbing you.



2 Responses to “It's a Great Day!!!”

  1. Nikki doesn’t really become a widow, and Avery does not become fatherless … they just don’t see you as often. BIG difference.

  2. MLB Opening day falls on Easter this year which comes kind of early. Looking forward to it.
    Baseball Big Opening Day this Sunday! Batter up!

    And for some history of the game and its players see:

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