Say Goodbye

I am writing this entry with a heavy heart.  Tomorrow I am ending a ten-year relationship.  The worst part is the other part has no idea it’s coming.  We have seen many ups and a few downs over the years.  This will lead to bigger and better things though.  I think this is for the best and frankly we both knew this day would come. 

So, Saturday I sadly say goodbye to my truck.

This was my first car I owned myself.  I bought it in March of 2000 and drove it till I bought my current car in August of 2006.  After that, the use went downhill.  There was the dump runs, baseball practice, the random moving day and even some hardcore landscaping.  The truck performed each task like a seasoned veteran:  just plowed right through. 

I’ve always considered myself a truck guy.  Even to this day driving a foreign sedan, I know, in my heart, that I will one day own another. 

It is time to move on though.  My wife needed a new car and we are trading in her old car and the truck for an SUV.  We need the room for the baby, the dog and all the accoutrement that goes with them.  Plus, both cars are well into the 100,000 mile club with the new one barely a tick above 20k.  It makes sense but it’s still heart-wrenching.

Our last memory together (I know, it’s getting sappy) will be the me-onster snow storm in December.  We had 22″ on the ground and it plowed through the un-plowed streets of East Haddam like a hot knife through butter.  It was a blast driving around in that stuff.  For me, that’ll be its lasting legacy.

Our time has come.  It will be tough to bid farewell to such an old and loyal friend.  My only hope is that it finds its way toward a person who’ll will give it the love and work it deserves.  Something that I just can’t do at this point.  It needs to be a truck.  It can’t spend it last years just sitting in a driveway and used twice a month, it’s not fair.

Goodbye old friend, it has been a great ten years.  You’ll be missed.

The era of Hendu’s truck is officially over.


3 Responses to “Say Goodbye”

  1. Nice spray in bed liner too.

  2. i’m sorry-, I feel terrible and i’m very guilt-ridden that i have to be the reason you give up your truck and I probably won’t be able to sleep tonight. Readers, please don’t think i’m a mean and horrible wife who demanded he give up his truck, he volunteered it to help me get a newer car, which is one more reason why i’m lucky to have him! Here’s to you, Truck, Cheers., Thanks for everything.

    I’m also giving up my first car and i am surprised that i find my self a lot sadder about it than i would have thought…

  3. Ah the things we do for our children!

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