My New Toy

That’s right.  This is my first camcorder.  I’ve wanted one for years and with the arrival of Avery last year, I finally decided now is the time.  Just got it yesterday so I haven’t rolled up the ol’ sleeves yet and played around.  I am excited that it is a HD camera and it didn’t cost me my first-born.  Which would have been pointless because then what would I use it for? 

The other great thing is it is the first camera that works in unison with iframe:  Apple’s video editing platform.  That makes downloads and converting much easier. 

I plan to get my mony’s worth out of it.  I’ll use it for baseball.  I’ll use it to break down my golf swing (that could be a painful experience.) 

Hopefully Avery is ready for her closeup.


2 Responses to “My New Toy”

  1. whats mony?

  2. to break down your golf swing huh? i guess that means you have to golf to do that right? and might be tuff to do since you are never golfing again right?

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