Nice Little Break

Boy, did I pick a great time for a three-day weekend.  You can’t ask for a better trio of weather days in early March.  It was also great to step away from the station and the blogosphere for a few as well.

What a jam-packed weekend it was.  Bruins game with my three brothers, got the whole house cleaned, visited with Nikki’s dad, did a little car and house shopping and got in some baseball outside.  Great long weekend for sure.

I’ll tel you what, the timing was perfect.  See, this is my last “free” week for a while.  Starting next Monday, I dive headfirst into my baseball season.  I will be starting my 11th season as JV coach for Hale-Ray H.S.  Between my primary job here at the Peacock and this, my days are pretty full.  So I will be spending as much time w/ Avery as I can, that way she will maybe remember who I am. 

This season will be a challenging one.  With the new 4:30am show (meaning I am up earlier) and trying to balance some sort of family life, the down time is drastically reduced.  Luckily I have a wonderful wife and a great family that helps me get through.  Not like it’s tough, I mean it is just baseball. 

FYI, just one month to Opening Night:  Sox vs. Yanks.  OHHHH Boy!!!!!!!!!


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