I am a Warrior

Flipping through the channels last night while Nikki was prepping Avery for bed, I came across one kick-arse show: Deadliest Warrior on Spike.

OK, so I may be behind the times a bit considering this is now going into season 2 but I am hooked now.  The basis of the show is that they pit to famed warriors against one another.  Then, scientists and other experts break down the pros and cons of each fighter.  That includes style, weapons, dress and defense.  Using modern scientific techniques, all data is entered into a computer and a winner is determined.  All along the way, demonstrating the destructability of these savage soldiers.

Last nights show, from season 1, had William Wallace (Braveheart) facing off against Shaka Zulu.  It helped that the show I caught featured the greatest hero in Scottish culture and it didn’t disappoint. 

The show taps into the most basic ideals of what men find intriguing: fighting, blood, gore and scientific explanations. 

I never heard of it before last night, but they made me a fan.  If you like that sorta stuff, I highly recommend it.


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