Getting Offensive

Since today is the first official workout for the Red Sox position players, I think it is time for me to weigh in on an issue that has been getting under my skin.  The perceived lack of offense on this team.

Just because Theo focused on pitching and defense this off-season doesn’t suddenly mean that they’ll forget that hitting is the last third of the game. 

Lets start at the top.  Ellsbury and Pedroia are the most dynamic top of the order in the AL.  Between the two, they should score over 200 runs and steal 100 bases.  Thats not a bad couple table-setters.  Next, we find Victor Martinez.  A career .300 hitter and in this lineup for a full year, should drive in close to 120 runs.  They still got Youk at first and last time I checked, he is the best first baseman in the AL outside the Bronx and Minneapolis.  I’ll take his .310/25/110/.410 numbers every year.

Now after that I can see why the pundits are in a tizzy.  What will Papi do? Well, he’s in great shape and ready to prove that last year was a fluke.  Let’s not forget he hit 25 homeruns and drove in 99.  Not bad for a guy who was MIA until June.  JD Drew is what he is.  An on-base machine who has a knack for clutch hits.  He was the best offensive right fielder in the league last year, if you go by OPS.  Yes the man may drive fans nuts, but step back a bit and look at the overall game, Drew is pretty darn good.

The bottom three are the biggest question marks.  Will Beltre find his swing?  Will Cameron still be productive at 37?  Is Scutaro a one-year wonder?  By all reports the answers are yes, yes and yes.  Beltre was injured all of last year.  I think if he gives this team a .280/18/80 year, with his great defense, the Olde Towne Team would take that to the bank.  Same with Cameron.  One thing he can do is hit the long ball.  to get 25 and 75 out of your 8 hitter, that’s pretty productive.  Scutaro can be a doubles machine at Fenway.  A .275/15/60/40 dbls/.380 obp would be gold from the #9 hole.

The bench will provide better depth this year.  Bill Hall and Jed Lowrie(maybe) will be perfect for their roles.  Jeremy Hermedia has 20 homerun potential and of course the Captain as the best back-up catcher in the game.

Fans, please just give this team a chance.  Are they the Yankees? No.  They don’t need to be.  This team will score plenty of runs don’t you worry.



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