It's Here!!!!

WOO Freaken’ Deaken’ Dippity HOO!!!!!!!  Pitchers and Catchers is upon us!!!  This day should be a holiday.  The green grass.  The warm sun.  The smell of leather.  The feel of the ball.  Everything about it is wonderful.  To make it even better:  my wife left this for me at work this morning .

Yep, that’s a tray of frosted brownies with different baseball designs on them.  Also a bag of gum and a Red Sox cup.  She got up at 4:30 am on Tuesday to make it and dropped it off yesterday afternoon.  Yes, I do realize how great she is and yes it tasted as good as it looked.

Now, onto bigger things.  All three local teams come into the spring with some question marks.  Some ( hello Mets) have more than others.  This is the day when every team has hopes and dreams of great things.  Everything is fresh and new.  Today, even Sox and Yanks fan can agree on one thing:  Baseball is back!!!!!

BTW, NESN has life coverage tonight at 7pm and on Saturday form 9am-noon.  Yep three hours of baseball practice.  Guess where I’ll be.




2 Responses to “It's Here!!!!”

  1. “BTW, NESN has life coverage tonight at 7pm and on Saturday form 9am-noon.”

    Life coverage??? Wow NESN has really expanded this year.

  2. Well, Baseball is life so, yes life coverage.

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