Olympic Musings

Has anyone else been enthralled by the goings-on in Vancouver.  I’m stuck on it like a tongue to a frozen pole.  Not to be a company shill, but I think the coverage has been great.  Yea, we can all get the results before the event airs, but if you work at it, you can avoid all those and still live through the drama.  Some things though have gotten my mind a-wanderin:

Where does Johnny Weir get his outfits and how can I figure out a way to incorporate them into everyday wear?

How do curlers do it?  They play two matches in one day???  Can you imagine the mental, physical and emotional wear on your body?  You look at football players and they need a week between games.  Lebron, he’s only playing one game a night.  These curlers are playing two grueling 2 1/2 matches.  Truly world-class.

Just wondering if Lindsey Jacobellis is a Buffalo Bills fan.  Maybe she’s a Cubs fan too.

Lindsey Vonn’s shin has gotten so much air play that it is hiring an agent.  Her knees had no comment about this.

Is anyone else loving these cross-country events?  Nothing like seeing frozen snot on a Norwegians face in HD.  The only thing I would change, instead of targets, have ’em shoot real animals.  They’d get bonus points for the bigger the beast and then they could cook them later for dinner.  Now that’s must see TV.

I’m considering taking up residency in some random country with no winter athletes, get my citizenship than represent them in 2014.  Who wants to start the first curling club of Aruba? 

This idea was brought up this morning:  Speed Skating Hurdles.  Think about the potential.   You like it, don’t ya?

Still waiting for an ice dancing pair to pull out the shopping cart, the sprinkler or the crowd favorite:  the fisherman.

Enjoy the rest of the games.


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