A Must Have for Parents

So far, seven months into this parental experiment we have discovered two essential things that we can’t live without.  The first is a baby play center.  Something we can put Avery in and let her play as we do stuff around the house.  The second is this:

A baby food maker from Beaba.  Now, it is a tad pricey ($150 @ Williams Sonoma) but it has already paid for itself.  Well, actually it was free but you get the idea.  New parents:  register for this.  Make it a priority.  You can make a lot of food for relatively cheap and it is all fresh.  We make batches of peas, carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, etc and

(click on picture for website)

freeze them in ice-cube trays for future use.  It takes about twenty minutes for a batch to be completed and you have food for a week.   The best part, you know where the food came from.  We are able to make all organic veggies for Avery.  Not only is the price from homemade to store bought huge, but the taste difference is substantial.

It is idiot-proof too.  Even the most sleep deprived parental being can run this thing.  Dice the food, add water and food then turn the switch on.  That’s it.  It has made the introduction of real food a real joy. 

Now, I’m not a spokesman for the company, just a satisfied Dad who felt I needed to pass this info along to other potential or new parents.  It even comes with its’ own recipe book.  Normally I’m not a huge fan of French products unless it’s wine, champagne or cheese, but this is a home run.


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