Super Hangover

No, not that kind.  Even though I did treat myself to a few frothy bevs last night, the fact I have to get up w/ only four hours(well two) of sleep under my belt makes me reign myself in.  HMMM, for some reason that sentence made a whole helluva lot more sense in my head.  Again, I’m runnin’ on two hours here.

Great win for the city of New Orleans and the Saints.  I have a feeling they will be celebrating this till, well Tuesday.  You know since it’s Mardi Gras and all.  Congrats to former Giants coach Sean Payton.  What a game he ran.  From the fourth and goal call (right call, wrong play) to the on-sides kick (brilliant) and finally with the defensive game plan he out classed the Colts staff.  Yet another Parcells decipher to win a Super Bowl. 

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who thought, for once, the game was the centerpiece of the day.  The commercials, save for a few (Betty and Abe, Google) were brutal.  The halftime show, even worse.  Seriously, did The Who practice at all.  Daltry and Townshend were steppin’ all over each other.  It seemed like they haven’t played in a while.  Made Bruce’s performance last year seem that much better.

So now all our focus can turn to baseball.  Well, first the Olympics.  I am contractually obligated to mention them.  Honestly I think NBC needs to do a better job promoting it.  All joking aside, can’t wait for the skiing and curling.  Also, look out for bobsledding, the USA has the best four-man team in the world.  We may even be able to medal in some nordic sports.  Should be a great two weeks.

Now, if we can just get some snow to Vancouver…….


2 Responses to “Super Hangover”

  1. Two hrs of sleep shows. Mardi gras (fat tuesday) is next tuesday, the 16th. This Saturday in New Orleans will be nuts. Does the US even have a curling team, and if they do and if they win, what brand beer would they buy (curling, the only sport where the winners buy the beer). If it’s bud, thats probably why curling is not catching on in the states.

  2. I actually menat next TUes, shoulda clarified that. The US does have a curling team, a pretty good one in fact. Last olympics they took home the bronze and the women cam in fourth I beleive.

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