Super Bowl Sunday

Who you got??  I finally decided on my choice.  I know how much you all were waiting on this.  I will let you know who I pick at the end of this.  Now, don’t go cheating by scrolling to the end.  Stay with me while I try to break it all down.

Both these offenses are a blast to watch.  It’s not so much about the creativity as much as it is about how well they execute it.  The crazy thing is, the defenses know what’s coming and they still can’t be stopped.  New Orleans will run the ball a little more than the Colts, but both teams success rides on the right arm of their QB.  I think both offenses will get their points.  A high-scoring affair could be in the works.

Now, the defenses are under the gun here.  While the Colts D looked okay, lets remember that they didn’t really play any high-powered offensive juggernauts.  The Jets and Ravens can’t hold a candle to the Cardinals and Vikings.  The Saints gave up their fair share of points and yards, but their D’s bread and butter is getting turnovers and hitting the quarterback.  I wouldn’t be shocked to see a lot of pressure on Peyton Manning even a few late-hits to rattle the league MVP.  If the Saints can figure out a way to get three or more turnovers, the game is theirs.  Also heard an interesting tidbit:  they may have two defensive schemes, one for the 1st half and another completely different one for the 2nd to keep Manning off balance.

I think the Colts best defense will be their offense.  With Dwight Freeney out (c’mon, even if he does play, how effective will he be) it will be tough to put pressure on Drew Brees.  The one thing Indy has goin’ for them is their speed.  Those boys can run and can negate the speed of the Saints offensive stars like Colston, Bush and Pierre Thomas. 

The one thing you can never count on are the intangibles.  Like the Colts knowing what it takes to prepare for a game like this.  They won it three years ago and are old hats at this.  Will they have the ghosts of NFL past hanging over their collective heads for not going for a 19-0 season?  Does the magic of New Orleans carry their beloved Saints to a title the city desperately needs?  Here’s an interesting nugget:  no team that has lost to the Tampa Bay Bucs during the regular season has ever won a Super Bowl that same year.  The Saints lost to Tampa in December.  Are the Colts playing with fire because they aren’t wearing their white jerseys which they wore the last time they won, which happened to be in Miami as well.  These are the unseen things that could cosmicaly change the game.

So who wins?  Well I do know that a team will win.  In fact a coach will also win for the first time.  I also know a UConn player will come away with a ring.  I also know that whoever I pick has less of a chance to win and the smart money would be to bet the other way. 

So, I’m going with my heart.  My head says one thing, but my head has never gotten me anywhere.  I’m making an emotional pick.  I’m going with the QB that won me a ton of money this year.   Who Dat you say?  Should be a Brees-y Sunday in South Beach.

New Orleans 38  Indianapolis 35. 

Get ready to party like it’s Mardi Gras Crescent City.  Oh wait, you say they already are?  Wow, this could be the greatest party of all time. 

Enjoy the game.



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