Time to Step Up

Everyone knows that February is Black History Month.  Also, most everyone knows that spring training starts for MLB this month.  I’m sure you all are aware that Major League Baseball basically started the Civil Rights movement in this country back in 1947 when Jackie Robinson broke the major sport color barrier. 

It is time once again for MLB to step up to the plate.  twenty years ago, the Negro League Museum opened up in Kansas City, MO.  Today, it is in danger of closing because of lack of funding.  Here is the article about it from Yahoo.com

As you can see, this project was Buck O’Neils lasting legacy.  He devoted the last years of his life to this museum and spreading goodwill about the Negro League around the country.

It is time for Bud Selig and all 30 baseball franchises to step into the box and show their support for this museum.  Baseball can take it under their wing and fully fund it.  This is an opportunity to pay tribute to some great players and to honor what they overcame.  This league provided some of the best talent in the early 20th century and it was a shame that only a handful could compete on the big stage.

With all the negative press that baseball gets these days such as steroids, or revenue sharing, or the fact that it may be a dying pastime, this would be unbelievably great PR.  A chance for the sport to teach about where it came from and where it can go.  A chance to get more african-americans playing the game.  I think right now only 10.2% of all MLB players are black.  A rise ove rthe past few years but still a number much to low.

This just seems like the right thing to do.



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