First off, Holy Freakin’ Crap its cold outside.  It was one of those days I dreaded walking outside and I love the cold.  It does look like it will be a good outdoor winter sport weekend.  Perfect for pond hockey and skiing.  Enjoy the last weekend before the “worst month of the year” starts.

BTW, it is National Fun at Work Day.  So dust of those whoopee cushions and pull out those old magic tricks.  Make someone laugh today.  Make your job a happier place while you are there.  That is your mission if you choose to accept it.  Be like these two:


3 Responses to “Friday!!!!!”

  1. Ah, but next month we can say spring starts next month!

  2. ….and 19 days till P+C

  3. oh how fun it would’ve been to be there and see that.
    i would’ve been dying of laughter.

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