Call Me "The Plunger"

In one short month, I will be jumping headfirst into the Long Island Sound.  Is it crazy?  Yep.  Am I nuts?  Wouldn’t be the worst thing I’ve been called.  Is it for a good cause?  Nope, it’s for a great cause.

Last years plunge

Last weekend Brad Drazen and fellow AM’ers took the plunge in Farmington.  They raised almost $1600.  A huge number and one that I want to top.  It will be harder for our team because there are only three of us but that’s where you, my loyal, attractive, kind, generous, brilliant, noble, caring, ambitious and fascinating readers come into play.

Everyone in!!! The water's great!!!

The donation center is open.  So far I already have $125.  My goal: $500.  I figure though I have 230+ friends on Facebook and I average another 100 or so readers a day.  Thats well over 300 sets of eyes reading my blogs everyday.  If each of these readers were to contribute as little as $5 (remember, it is tax deductible) I alone would top the other NBC Connecticut team.

I can’t wait for February 27th.  It is such a great time.  Thank you in advance and hope to see you all out there!!!

All photos courtesy of Ralph Chappell PhotographyCheck out more pix and other galleries here.

2 Responses to “Call Me "The Plunger"”

  1. At that rate, our donation has covered us and a few imaginary friends.

    Anyone out there care to do the same? Or just match what you’d spend on a coffee and muffin … Special Olympics is a worthy cause.

  2. Let’s go everybody, I’ve ponied up, now it’s your turn. We can all see his friends list on Facebook, so we know who you are. You won’t even miss that $5, but collectively, those $5 donations go a long way. Lets put Hendu on top.

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