Super Bowl 44 is locked and loaded.  First time since 1993 that the top seeds from each conference has made the big game.  I enjoyed the first game.  Thought the Jets did all they could.  Hey they ran into a better team.  Jets fans can’t hang there heads today.  You made it further then you could have hoped for and what a bright future the team has.  The Colts are just a buzzsaw and this Peyton guy has a chance to be almost as good as his brother. 

As for game #2, I’m happy for the Saints and New Orleans.  They played weel enough to not get beat and what a huge uplift for that entire region.  I don’t think Drew Brees or Sean Payton will ever have to pay for food again in the Crescent City.

The Vikes…..and their fans.  I think they have officially become the most tortured fanbase in the country.  0-4 in Super Bowls.  0-5 in their past five NFC championship games.  The last three played out like this:  a kicker missing his only field goal of the year sending Atlanta to the game, losing 41-0 at the Giants and being done in the first five minutes, now this.  I have friends who are Vikes  fans and I just don’t now where they go from here.  This was their shot.  Well, that was till Favre turned into, well, Favre. 

Which brings me to my main point.  The Vikings fans were always on the list of most tortured fanbases, but now, without a doubt, they are at the head of this dubious list.  Trust me, I know all about this list, remember I am a Red Sox and we were #1 till 2004.  So, the question now is, who else is on the list.  THese are the guys you see walking down the street wearing these teams’ gear and you can only shake your head and offer your condolences.

Here’s Mine:

#1 Viking Fans:  for the reasons stated above.

#2 All Cleveland fans:  Losing the Browns to Baltimore, the Indians w/o a World Series since 1953, the Cavs rough history and now they may lose Lebron.  Plus Cleveland is a dreadful city.

#3 Seattle Fans.  The Mariners have never been to a World Series.  The Seahawks have been perpetually bad(minus a few good years this decade) and the Supersonics moving to Oklahoma City.  Also throw in the rain and Kurt Cobain dying.  It’s not easy.

#4 Pittsburgh Pirate fans.  The Steelers are a crown jewel in the NFL.  The Penguins have three Stanley Cups.  The Pirates:  haven’t had a winning season since 1992.  Hey, at least you had Barry Bonds before steroids.

#5 LA Clipper fans.  They are #2 in a city that just doesn’t care about #2’s.  They have had the most #1 picks in NBA draft history and have crashed and burned on them all.  This years #1 broke his kneecap during the preseason for gods sake.  They have had only one or two playoff seasons and haven’t even come close to sniffing a Finals appearance.

Honorable mentions: NJ Nets, NY Islanders, Oakland fans, Kansas City fans and Buffalo fans.


One Response to “Tortured”

  1. what about CUBS fans?-they have a goat hanging over them for all of eternity

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