Championship Sunday


Love this Sunday.  Yea, Super Bowl Sunday gets all the pub and hype, but this day is what makes the football season.  You have the three best teams this year…….and the Jets.  My question is:  Does Cinderella get her slipper back this weekend?

Now I know that my picks have been less reliable than the TSA but I’m looking for a rebound.

Game One:  Colts (-7 1/2) vs. the Jets.  Yes, the Jets beat the Colts in week 16 to start this miraculous run.  Yes, they held Peyton’s offense to just ten points.  Lets remember though that the Jets scored a whopping total of ZERO points against the Colts #1 D.  Even yesterday I heard that Peyton thought he missed on at least two touchdowns.  So we could have been looking at a 24-0 halftime rout.  Also, the Jets scored on a kick return and a fumble recovery.  Not exactly a high-powered offense.  With all that said though, I’m still picking the J E T S Jets Jets Jets…….to lose.  24-17.  Hey, at least they’ll cover.

Game #2:  Saints (-3 1/2) against the Vikings.  I can’t wait for this game.  The two best teams all year in the NFC.  The two best QB’s this year.  The two best offenses and two solid d’s.  While I think the Vikes defense is much better, it’s still unsure if one of their pass rushers will play.  The deciding factor could be the crowd noise.  The Superdome could get insanely loud.  If the Saints jump out quickly like they did last week, this game will be over by halftime.  I think this will be a back-and-forth affair.  I tell ya, I really want the Vikings to win.  That fan base needs a Super Bowl win.  Can’t do it though, I’m going Saints 38-31. 

Of course what does this mean.  You could go with history and look at that Saints pick as an actual Vikings pick because the team I went against always seems to win.  Or, I just reversed that trend because I explained how my mind was working so therefore the Saints will actually win.  Either way, I have a headache.

Enjoy the games on Sunday and go Vik….er Saints.  Wait, oh hell, just root for good football.


2 Responses to “Championship Sunday”

  1. Ok, yeah, the Vikings fans have been totured in the past, but come on, the Saints, their fans amd the city of New Orleans needs this win way more than the Vikings do. This is a football team that has only won 3 postseason games in its history, and one of them was last week!! I do feel for the Vikings fans for the toture that their team puts them through but in this game you gotta root for the Saints.

  2. Pete Olsen Says:

    Lets see you picked the Jets in the wildcard and you were right. Then you went against the Jets last Sunday and you were wrong. Thought you would of seen the pattern. I agree championship Sunday should be declared a holiday no matter who is playing.

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