New Blood

Let me start off by saying that I hope Coach Jim Calhoun gets well quickly.  He means so much to his team, his school and this state.  We all know of his accomplishments on the court.  His off the court ones  have been even bigger.  With all that said, it’s time for the Coach to retire.

Thanks for all the memories.

I think he should have retired after last years Final Four run.  I still think he knows the x’s and o’s as well as anyone.  He can still motivate and mentor his kids.  I think his biggest slip is in the recruiting.  I don’t think he relates well with the younger generation.  I mean he is a 67-year-old trying to convince 16, 17 and 18-year-old high school kids to commit to his school and his system.  Plus, do kids want to commit to a coach who has had so many health problems?  As a parent, I’d be concerned.

You used to see UConn be all over top high school recruits.  Last season they had one with very little interest from others.  I just don’t think he can bring in the top-flight talent like he used too.  Sure, last years team was good, but it had a ton of veteran players that played together for years. 

I also think Coach has lost his ability to develop talent.  He has guys on the bench that have skills.  The problem is he doesn’t give them time to develop.  He loses patience fast and buries them.  It shows when he is forced to play essentially six guys for a game.  You can’t win like that.

It’s time for Coach to ride off into the sunset.  Lets remember and praise him for his brilliant career.  The man has built a program from scratch and he should feel comfortable enough to pass it along.  UConn can and will survive without him.  It’s a strong athletic department that can bring in another big time coach or a red-hot up-and-comer. 

I hate to say it, but the Jim Calhoun era has come to an end.  Better to recognize that early and get in front rather than get stuck behind the eight ball.


4 Responses to “New Blood”

  1. whoa touchy CT subject. I have to disagree. He put UCONN on the b-ball map, should be able to go on his own terms. But the time is close.

  2. The problem is, I think he is too proud to know when his time is up. SOmeone needs to make that choice for him but there is no one with the guts to do it.

  3. […] I have been a huge critic of Jim Calhoun over the past few years.  Last winter, I wrote an entry stating my reasons for him to leave. […]

  4. […] Unfortunately, as much good as the man did, there are plenty of detractors and readers of my blog know I am one of them.  While he did prove me wrong last year, the previous few I thought he was done.  Between his health issues and his poor recruiting choices, I thought he had passed his prime.  Lets be real too, if it wasn’t for the miraculous play of Kemba, that 3rd ring would not be on his finger.  Here is what I wrote about 18 months ago. […]

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