Who's Man Enough????

I’m looking for a group of ten or so.  Could be eight.  Could be thirteen.  I just need a solid bunch of people to step up and put an end to an unstoppable force.  They must be of true heart, mind and skill. 

 People not afraid to back down from a challenge or cower and shrivel in the spotlight. 

They must be willing to sacrifice everything. Willing to work toward this monumental but rewarding goal.

This group of heroes also needs a leader.  Someone who can motivate and teach even the meekest of souls to become brave and powerful. 

This task is not for the faint of heart.  The best of the best have tried and failed miserably at this. 

If you succeed though, you will be hailed.  People will be shouting your name in the streets. There will be much rejoicing.  Timing could be everything.  You want the biggest celebration:  slay the beast in April. 

What is this mission you ask? 

Someone, anyone to beat Geno and the Husky women!!!!!  Am I the only one disgusted by the lack of competitiveness in what you can loosely call “games.” 

Now, I hate women’s basketball but even this deserves some attention.  Frankly all other teams should be embarrassed by these results. 

All we need is one noble and worthy squad to step up and accept this challenge?  So my question is:  Who’s man enough?


One Response to “Who's Man Enough????”

  1. Pete Olsen Says:

    I dont know if I want to touch this one. Calhoun is like a god around these parts. Those are some mighty big shoes to fill.

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