Friend of the Devil

Now it all makes sense to me. Last week I saw Jets coach Rex Ryan walking around with a guy dressed all in red with a rather sinister look.  At first I thought it was a bit peculiar but know I get it.  It’s the only thing that makes any sense.  He had to have made a deal with the devil.  I can’t remember a team getting this many breaks.  Starting with the week they lost and every other team they were going against lost.  Then “beating” the Colts b-team.  Then destroying the Bengals c-team to clinch.  Then yesterday having an all-pro kicker miss three field goals.  The dude had missed three all year for gods sake!!!!!  How many more breaks is this team gonna get?  What is Peyton going to hurt his arm practicing for an oreo-dunking contest?  What makes this worse is having to listen to the annoying Jets fans. 

This guys team is still alive??? This is so wrong!!!!

 Were the hell have these people been??  They are coming out of the

And this guy??? Good lord this is just wrong!!!!

woodwork.  I actually think they are worse than Yankee fans.  I actually saw one kid post as his facebook status that “in a million years he’d never thought he’d see the Jets in an AFC title game.”  How quickly we forget about 1998.  I’m still waiting for this carriage to turn back into a pumpkin.  Lets hope that happens this week in Indiana for all of our sanity.

Good weekend.  Started it off by sending off Andy Pergam to DC.  It’s so hard when they leave the nest on their own.  I think the guy has a chance to make it though.  If not he’ll always have a place here at the Peacock.  Saturday I went out to NYC to visit my old roommate.  I had a great time, even ran into some friends that I hadn’t seen in a while.  It’s just too bad my brain likes to think I am still 22 while my body quickly reminds I’m 32.  Stupid age.

Hey at least I didn’t hurt myself playing in waves.  🙂


2 Responses to “Friend of the Devil”

  1. Pete Olsen Says:

    I havent forgot any of the hearbreaking AFC Championship games the Jets have lost. 1998 or 1982 vs Miami, AJ Duhe a linebacker for Miami made 3 interceptions in the rain that game. I can go on and on about the bad breaks the Jets have endured over the years. With that being said it was nice to see us get some breaks. I dont care what Rex Ryan sold to get his team to this Sunday, im just happy to see gang green still standing with only four teams left. At this point anything is possible. Great blog!!

  2. Pete Olsen Says:

    Pep rally for the Jets at Times Square, check it out!

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