Is it Still Football Season?

C’mon, the Giants are out.  The Patsies are toast.  Really are there any other local teams???  I remember hearing about some other team from New York…..I think they rent time from the G-Men……starts with a J.  

Thats right, the Jets.  Boy what a run they are on and I had no idea that there were this many Jets fans out there.  I mean I had heard rumors about them but I had rarely seen one.  Sorta like a yeti or a ghost.

Here they are though, rooting their Gang Green thru the playoffs, and frankly, they deserve this.  A once-every-ten-year run is good for a fan.  Hey you never know what could happen.

Well, I do.  The Chargers roll on Sunday afternoon.  In fact the closest the Jets get will be at kickoff.  This Bolts team is playing the best football heading into the playoffs and the roll continues.  San Diego 38 New York 13.

The other three games promise to be a little closer.  The Colts/Ravens is very intriguing.  Baltimore had the Colts beaten till a late game turnover.  If any defense can make Peyton Manning look human, it’s the Ravens and Ray Lewis.  This game is in primetime Saturday night and promises to be the best of the bunch.  The Ravens ride the wave and upset, yep that is right, upset the Colts:  23-21.

The two NFC games I think will be shootouts.  Four high-powered offenses.  Three great quarterbacks and Tony Romo.  These two games chould go either way and the defenses will have little say in the outcomes.  I like the Cards in an upset of the Saints 38-31.  I just don’t see the Saints finding a groove till it is too late.  Losing three straight coming in will be too much. 

Only because I want to see a battle of +40-year-old qb’s next week, I’m going purple.  Yep, the Vikes end the run of the Cowboys(thank god) and but some normalcy back in the world.  I don’t want to be in a world where the Lakers, Cowboys and Yankees are World Champs.  In fact some refer to it as hell and I am not one to argue.  Vikes and roll into next weekend with a tidy win 27-14 on a late touchdown.

Enjoy the long weekend everyone.


One Response to “Is it Still Football Season?”

  1. I couldn’t agree more.

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