More from the No S@#$ Dept.

Holy Crap!!!!  Mark McGwire used steroids?!?!?!  I never saw that coming.  I truly thought that he was on the up and up.  I mean it’s normal for a man to gain almost thirty pounds of muscle in an off-season right??  What other worst kept secrets will come out.  Kennedy really did have an affair with Marilyn Monroe.  Guys don’t look at Playboy for the articles.  Nixon was a crook.  Saying someone has a nice personality is a code for fugly. 

Did this man save baseball??  Yes he did twice.  He saved it in ’98 and he has helped saved it in the post-ped era.  Remember questions started to be asked when a reporter found Andro in his locker.  I just wish he came clean a while ago.  Don’t these guys learn anything.  If you come clean quickly, you will be forgiven.  Right, Andy Pettitte? 

On a completely different note: I am so sick of people complaining about the cold.  Hey, listen up!!!  It’s January in New England!!  What the hell you expect, 72 and sunny?  You don’t like either zip it or move.  No one feels bad for you, we all have learned to deal with it, now it’s time for you to do it as well.  Feel free to complain starting March 21st.


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