Taking the Plunge

It’s that time of year when normally sane people ditch everything but their skivies for the opportunity to leap into ice-cold water.  Once again, I will be one of those crazies. 

Why do we do it?  Some for the thrill.  Others maybe enjoy the discomfort.  Others maybe are guilted into it.  One thing we all have in common:  the cause.

The Connecticut Chapter of the Special Olympics puts on several Penguin Plunges every winter.  Last year our intrepid young meteorologist Ryan Hanrahan asked me to join his team and I have the pleasure to be joining up with him yet again.  Here is a link to a gallery of photos taken by my step-father.  We will be diving headfirst into the sound at Hammanasset State Park in Madison on February 27th.

Last year was such a blast and I can’t wait to get at it again.  Of course though, it is a fundraiser, so my loyal readers I ask for some monetary support.  This link:  My Personal Page will get you to the contribution section.  Every dollar raised goes directly to the Special Olympics of Connecticut.  Even if you can’t help out, come on down and support the swimmers.  It really is an awesome time. 

Thank you all ahead of time for your help.


6 Responses to “Taking the Plunge”

  1. Donation made, but there are times I would take exception with the phrase “normally sane people.”

  2. Nancy Miller Says:

    I’m not kidding..I’ve always wanted to do this. But you just don’t go flying into the water, do you? Or do you try to prepare by doing something, like..I don’t know..take cold showers??? No kidding..is there something you should do so you don’t have a heart attack?? Thanks.

  3. I commend you for that. I ain’t takin the plunge no way — it is waaaay too cold and I would rather wait till April.

  4. Nancy, no prep, just dive right in. It does take your breath away for a moment but it is such a rush the adrenaline kicks in. It was cold, but not as bad as I thought. Daredevyl, doesn’t your name imply you take risks??? Thanks for reading

  5. Pete Olsen Says:

    All Set. Good luck!

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